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今から27年前、私が大学時代に外国人ビジネスマンの通訳アテンドの通訳のアルバイトをしているときにその後の私のキャリアに関する考え方を大きく変えるMadam Olivia Thanaratとの出会いを頂きました。27年の家族ぐるみのお付き合いの中で、MadamはやがてMommy Oliviaに変化し私の第二の母であり最も尊敬する4児の母であり、Career Womanであり実業家。私が知るこの世で最も勇気ある女性。
オリビアアソシエイツの名前はそんなMommy Oliviaの名前から私自身の起業に向けて人生で最も勇気と智恵を要するであろうこの時に、Mommy Oliviaの愛と勇気と智恵、感謝、Positivityを忘れずに立ち向かいたいという思いMommy Oliviaへの愛と感謝をこめて社名とさせて頂きました。
It's been 27years since I met Madam Olivia Thanarat who has taken another turn in my life. Through the long term of our relationship as a family, she's turned into my god mother from madam Olivia.  How can I succeed in my career is not only lesson which she's taught, she even has been I mean still is perfect role model to follow as a profound mother with four kids.
It was each and every single word and speech that has helped me when I'm was in tough situations. The more I have talked with her, more I was able to be better individual. Definitely my son and her kids weren't exceptions that she's inspired with her love and passion and gave a motivation to pave their roads by themselves. I can't even imagine how many children got hope and courage from her to put things together and seek opportunities to live in better life.
It's the time for me to put big boy pants on and take my business next level which means I need her wisdoms and courage more than ever. I hope I'd love to be with her appreciation,love, courage and intelligence as long as this company stands.
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